Cut Vinyl & Other Services

Custom Coolers & Containers

Custom Coolers & Beverage Containers

A lot of Holtzman-Bechtel's growth was a direct result of our entry into the cooler and beverage industry. In fact, that is what regularly takes up a lot of our day-to-day operations. What we offer is the branding of coolers and beverage containers. Companies have used our coolers as promotional items at special events, incentive awards for new clients, rewards for loyal customers, and even as giveaways to their own employees for their stellar work. Ask us about how you could incorporate our unique and interesting branded coolers and beverage containers for your marketing needs.

Branded Waste Receptacles

Another service we offer is the branding of waste receptacles and other similar items. It's easy to overlook, but even a logo'd trashcan can be a brand enhancer for your business. Other times, you may want to have a specific message conveyed (e.g. "Recycling Only" or "Warning: Hazardous Waste"). Sometimes, the use of informative graphics comes in handy for your own employees in the "back of the house." A simple, directional message helps make sure you and all of your employees are on the same page.

Logo'd Waste Receptacles & More
Yard Signs (Different Sizes)

Personalized Banners & Yard Signs

We print the majority of our projects on vinyl material, but the second most popular media is banner material. Our vibrant, full-color banners and yard signs will definitely catch your customers' eye. We have the ability to punch grommets into both the banner and yard signs for hanging, or you could choose to use the traditional metal stakes for the yard signs. Our yard signs can be made up to a massive 5 feet X 10 feet. Ask about how we can help you with your sign and banner needs.

Rubber-Coated Nylon Sleeves (RCN Connectors)

Not a lot of people know this, but the Holtzman-Bechtel Company was actually founded to assist the food service industry. We got into the business by being a supplier of RCN sleeves for different food producing factories. Certain machines need these dual-coated, flexible sleeves because of their ability to withstand heavy abuse due to intense vibration or the contents they are transferring. RCN has proven to be way more practical and durable than the canvas sleeves that were an industry standard before their invention. We have the capability to custom-make any sleeve to fit your machine. Ask how we can help you with your RCN connector needs.

Rubber-Coated Nylon Sleeves

Next Steps...

If you have questions about any of these additional services, make sure to ask! We look forward to working with you. We will do our best to come up with the right solution for you!