Creating Brand Recognition for Your Business

So, you have an idea for a company. You even have a name and a logo. You scouted the location, met with the agency supplying the space, filed all the paperwork and jumped over all of the other hurdles to open up your business’s doors… Now, how do you get and retain happy customers?

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One of the hardest things to accomplish as a small business is brand recognition. Thankfully, building a successful, recognizable name for your association isn’t impossible. Think of all of the logos out there that don’t even need their affiliated company name by them to be recognizable. Your organization can have that also, but you will need a little patience and you’ll want to employ a few different tactics. In this article, we will be looking at some tried-and-true examples of what businesses use in real-life to obtain brand recognition.

1. Showcase Your Logo on Your Storefront
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The first thing that people look for when pulling up to a business is the front door. The least amount of info you would probably want to show is your name/logo and hours of operation. However, lots of companies also include websites and telephone numbers on their doors. But why stop there? Vinyl decals are capable of producing full-color cutouts and allow endless creativity when space is limited. We would suggest adding industry-specific images and/or words and slogans alongside logos on your storefront. Find out more here.

2. Wrap or Add Cut Vinyl To Your Vehicle(s)
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One of the best ways to showcase your corporation and logo is to install graphics on your automobile. Having graphics on your vehicle is like having a mobile billboard. It only becomes more beneficial if you either drive a lot during your workday or if you park near a busy street. Our graphic artist would love to help you come up with a striking design for your ride. Learn more here.

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3. Install Wall Graphics Inside Your Facility

Do you regularly have people inside your business? Well, now that you have their attention, why not reinforce your brand by placing your logo or different phrases around your property? Sometimes, all it takes is a bathroom sign displayed in a chic font or with a quirky graphic to strengthen your brand image. Find out why here.

4. Place Personalized Trash Cans Throughout Your Business
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This one may seem a little strange, but hear us out! A custom waste receptacle can hold a lot of information, both literally and figuratively. For example, a recycling station at your place would show that you care about sustainability and that you hope your customers/employees join your efforts. Other uses include location-specific information (e.g. South Campus, Third Floor: Radiology, Central Fields) or warning labels (e.g. Warning: Hazardous Waste, Sharps Only). Learn more here.

4. Post Yard Signs Around Your Property
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Yard signs hardly take up any real estate and, when done correctly, can be some of the most effective marketing tools you can get at a low cost. We apply full-color decals to our yard signs to ensure that they are the most eye-catching signs out there. Feel free to show off those gradients! Ask about our pricing here.

5. Hand Out “Freebies”
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Free gifts can take several forms, but one of the easiest to produce and one of the most used items are stickers. Customers may choose to place them on their car, on their refrigerator, and who knows where else? The fact of the matter is that they’re placing them somewhere, and other people are going to see them. Ask about acquiring sets of custom decals here.

Nobody said it was going to be easy, but when you use several—or all—of the examples shown above, you can expect to have a more successful branding campaign for your company. That, combined with your fantastic product/service and exceptional client support, will surely make your brand one that people remember and come back to time and again.

And remember, we are always ready to assist you with custom, premium, cut vinyl graphics if you choose to go with any of the methods discussed in this post. Drop us a line today!

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