Common Yard Sign Mistakes

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Yard signs are one of the best tools a company can use to convey a message to the public. They are quick and easy to create, and they take up minimal space on your property.  In fact, yard signs are almost always getting noticed. Out of 7,203 first-time customers, as many as 46% of respondents stated that they learned about the business through a sign (Signtronix Survey, 2003). Plus, signs are highly customizable and can express a vast amount of information.

Yet, to get the most out of your lawn signs, there are a few important things to consider. It’s possible to make the following common mistakes, all of which can hurt your sign’s effectiveness. But, if you keep these things in mind when ordering, you will increase the chance of getting strong leads, or even sales, directly from your yard signs.

1. Missing Details

Missing Detail yard sign example

It’s hard to imagine, but some business owners forget to add phone numbers and/or websites to their signs. Not only that, much lack a call to action. So, be sure to let everyone know how they can reach you and then ask for their business.

2. Not Using Both Sides

Not Using Both Sides yard sign example

This one is truly dependent on location and orientation, but if you have the opportunity to get the attention of traffic heading in two different directions, you will want to add some information on the opposite side of the sign.

3. Not Visible

Not Visible yard sign example

The visibility of your sign could possibly be the most important factor determining their effectiveness. Your sign will have to be noticeable and not obstructed by anything to get you the best results. Possibly consider hanging a sign if there are too many street-level obstructions. Also, make sure your business’s windows aren’t too darkly tinted when hanging them indoors.

4. Too Busy

Too Busy yard sign example

It may be tempting to put as much information on your sign as possible, but sometimes simplicity is key. Having too much can lead to information overload and people tend to ignore, or even avoid, reading excessively busy signs. Instead, try getting one idea across really, really well.

5. Wrong Font

Wrong Font yard sign example

This one is easy to mess up. A lot of businesses want to use fancy scripts, heavier Gothic fonts, or too small/thin script. All can lead to legibility problems. Instead, maybe try using a simple, sans-serif font on your signs to ensure your text is easily read.

6. Inconsistency

Inconsistency yard sign example

One of the points of having yard signs is to reinforce your brand. The cohesiveness of your yard signs helps reinforce the image you want your company to express. That cannot be done when your designs are disjointed.

7. Incorrect Color

Incorrect Color yard sign example

While wacky colors schemes can help get you noticed, those same colors could hurt your audience’s eyes and distract away from your point. A design with high contrast colors and a simple typeface is the best way to catch the attention of potential buyers.

8. Lack Creativity

Lack Creativity yard sign example

This one won’t necessarily make or break your efforts, but some signs tend to be a little… dull. Let’s say you are displaying your sign in a busy part of town or possibly competing against other contractors in a neighborhood; you will want to have a quality of uniqueness to your sign to help it stand out among the crowd.

9. Ignoring Sign(s) After Installation

Ignoring Sign(s) After Installation yard sign example

Don’t give up on your signs after they are out on display. These beauties, if taken care of, can be used year after year. You just need to make sure they are standing tall and still looking their best. When necessary, you should replace your signs. That’s because a perceivable sense of carelessness could ruin your reputation with your clientele.

Now, it is entirely possible to achieve success from your signs while making one of the previously mentioned blunders. The odds of that happening decrease each and every time you do, however. So, if you are interested in creating signs for your company, try to limit—or completely eliminate—the common errors businesses make when designing signs. As always, you can ask us for assistance in designing and ordering signs here.

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